A.E.S. Foods is a direct importer of Kenyan tea & coffee, mutton and lamb from Australia and New Zealand.


Kenya prides itself as the largest producer of black tea in the world. Kenyan tea has earned global distinction for its quality and value. It comprises of different brands and blends of the world’s highest quality teas grown in the Kenyan highlands.


The good tropical climate and the soils in the tea producing areas coupled with proper harvesting and processing, give Kenyan tea its reputable quality and flavor. Kenyan tea (Camellia Sinensis) is natural and pure since it is produced from pest and disease free clones where pesticides or other chemicals are not used.

The difference between all types of teas commercially available internationally is dictated by the method of processing. Most Kenyan teas are manufactured using the cut, tear and curl (CTC) method of manufacture. Tea made by CTC method has more infusion giving surfaces and brews stronger, thicker, brighter and brisk teas; which ensures maximum cup page per unit weight.

Kenyan tea is a pure health enhancing beverage that contains;

a) No additives
b) No preservatives
c) No artificial ingredients

Kenyan tea is packed in square tea bags with string, round, naked and individually wrapped and also herbal, fruity or flavored.

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