Kenyan Tea & Coffee

Kenyan Black Tea

Black tea is the most widely consumed tea in the world. Black tea is so called because of its relatively lengthy oxidation period that darkens its leaves. This color is transferred to the cup in a pale Sienna color and red-orange tones.

Black tea flavors can be differentiated by region of origins more than other teas.

Benefits of Tea (Kenyan Black Tea)
i) Reduces oxidation reactions in the body that are associated with aging and other disease processes.
ii) Promotes healthy cholesterol levels and boost the immune system.
iii) Increases metabolism and improves mental performance as well as lowers stress hormone levels.
iv) Includes anti-cancer properties and anti-diabetes effect


Kenya coffee is considered the finest of its kind, grown at high altitudes under ideal growing conditions. It is known for a high acidity and average to brisk body, also commonly described as fruity. It has a distinctively bold, yet smooth taste.


Kenya achieves this level of excellence through a government-run system; that rewards growers for better quality, which has led to steady improvements. Each lot of coffee produced whether by a smaller coop or large estate, undergoes rigorous testing by Coffee Board of Kenya cup testers. Their assessment earns a premium (or a discount) from the base price for the grower, providing a strong incentive to improve quality.

Each lot of coffee is then sold at weekly auctions to exporters who represent overseas buyers. A.E.S. Inc. is an exporter based in the U.S. They send us samples from each upcoming auction and we give them bids on the lots we prefer.

About This Coffee:
Beans from Kenya Coffee Growers not only impart Kenya’s juicy acidity and grapefruit notes, but lush, herbal flavor, full body and floral aroma as well. At 6,000 ft. above sea level, the sloping terrain provides deep, mineral rich soil and excellent drainage. Here farmers with 200-300 coffee trees handpick only the ripest cherries each day.

The roasted beans are the most aromatic of any coffee. They brew a lively cup with complex flavors hinting of citrus and blackberry. It’s absolutely delicious!

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